Candy King Ejuice Review

Are you a big fan of candies? Well, if you are, you will most certainly enjoy the 5 flavors that Candy King offers to their customers. Despite being new in the industry, they made a huge impact for vape enthusiasts due to the quality of the juices they offer, capturing the real flavors of the candies mentioned on their label.


This brand of vape juice is also very iconic due to its container, which is unicorn bottle, allowing it to be easier to use and to carry around wherever you want to go. Now, we will provide a feedback regarding their ejuices and how it was ranked and compared with other vape juices brand.


How They Came Out?

  • Sour Worms – big fan of those colorful gummy worms covered with salt and sugar? You will be able to taste one even without the real thing by just purchasing this vape juice flavor on Candy King as they successfully captured the flavors of the worms with every bite. From the saltiness of the rock salts up to the sweetness of the sugar combined with various gummy flavors such as strawberry, apple, lemon, grapes and others, finishing off the smooth hit with a bit of sourness.
  • Bubblegum – instead of chewing the gum for a few minutes and losing its flavor, you can settle with the vape juice and be able to taste it longer in your mouth. With the hint of strawberry and watermelon, this mixture allows you to bring back to your childhood when everything seemed innocent and what matters is the flavors of what is inside your mouth. It might be a bit too sweet on the aftertaste, which is erfect for those sweet tooth person
  • Batch – if you want a changing flavor from sour to sweet, which is the opposite of the sour worms, this is the one for you. It comes with oranges, strawberries, lemon, and cherry, which is a very fruity combination, topped up with the sourness of gummies once you’ve hit it. Then, the aftertaste will become sweet, almost like a tart.


Verdicts On The Flavors

  • They came out pretty well as the combination never overpowers one ingredient, allowing each flavor to be tasted on your mouth. The smoothness of the hit makes it even better for people to be able to get as much enjoyment as they want with the product.
  • The unicorn bottle is very more efficient than the glass because its nozzle makes it easier to use for droppings, unlike those bottles that require the droppers to be used and be squeezed before the liquid comes out.
  • It is also a very cheap brand of vape juice, only costing 25$ below, allowing an enthusiast to be able to try all the flavors that they can with their budget. It is also very practical since it already comes in a 100 mL bottle.
  • Their unique flavors are very iconic, which is also symbolized with the label of the brand on the container. A very colorful color that signifies their various flavors.
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