Broke Dick Ejuice Review

A lot of people already experienced how it is when you are broke or don’t have enough money to spare. You need to make sure that you will be able to live up to the next payday, or time for your allowance to come. But, those who already experienced it would know how much a struggle it is to cope with little to no funds while trying to keep up with the expenses.


Using vape can cost a fortune, but not everything about it should be expensive because you can easily find cheaper ones with a very good quality. For example, in vape juice industry, Broke Dick is the friend of those people who is also experiencing a bit of shortage but still wants to maintain their vice. But, how did this brand rank compared with other vape juice brands out in the market?


What Makes It Still A Good Choice

  • Uses quality ingredients – since they also started from scratch, they know how to properly use their resources and still come up with something incredible just by thorough research and of course, a few trials. That’s why they are able to satisfy all their customers despite their limited options of flavors.
  • Catchy Label – just by the name itself, you would try to guess what it is trying to say. Apparently, it pertains to people who lack money and Dick is the nickname of the company founder. The colors they used for their labels are very bright and catchy, and their logo is pretty simple, yet holds a lot of meaning.
  • Fruity flavors – the majority of the flavors they are selling are fruity ones and they came out very well as you can really taste each kind of fruit available inside the juice. Though there are circumstances that some of the fruits can be overpowering that it will cancel out some of the mild flavors such as raspberries, so it can be a bit disappointing if you are waiting for that flavor.
  • Smooth hit – vape users always want a very smooth hit to be able to enjoy smoking to the fullest and sometimes, this can be achieved with the right nicotine level. Broke Dick allows you to be able to enjoy that sensation without a very high level of nicotine by making their ingredients natural and quality-made.
  • Very cheap – this is probably the best thing about this product. Their vape juices are very cheap in price but still provides a satisfactory hit for the users. Even their flavors are not that bad and can be rich in flavor, making it one of the best cheapest vape juices.
  • The right amount of vapor – with the ratio they provide on their products, it comes with a very decent amount of smoke produced, making it very worthwhile to use


Based on these features, we can say that Broke Dick is also one of the vape juices that enthusiasts will be able to enjoy, especially those who are in a budget. It is highly recommended to be purchased despite the limited flavors available.

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