Air Factory Ejuice Review

One of the reasons why people are starting to switch from a stick of cigarette to an electric one is because of the health benefits it can give due to the nicotine level significantly decreased with the electronic type. If you are the type of person who is very conscious with the content level of what you use, Air Factory will be one of the brands that will be able to satisfy you in terms of vape juice needs.


They guaranteed that each of the flavors they offer to their clients have various types depending on their nicotine content. Meaning, you can choose a lower level for a healthier hit, or a higher one if you are still trying to cope with the switch from the stick. Aside from the variations in nicotine level, Air Factory vape juices have a lot more to offer to its customers.


What They Provide For Vape Enthusiasts

  • Fruity Flavors – if some of the brands of ejuices are focused on the menthol or dessert types of flavor, this particular brand focuses on the fruits and adds a twist by combining other ingredients with it to make the vaping experience more exciting. For example, the Berry Blast can give you various combinations of berries with a very strong sweet and sour aftertaste.
  • A generous amount of vapor – one of the things that people enjoy using vape is the vapor or smoke that comes out after inhaling from the device. Some might need a few hits before you can get a very large amount of smoke, but Air Factory, as its name already suggests, provides a vape juice that allows you to produce a lot of vapor in just a few hits or even a single one. In this way, you can also do some vape tricks using the smoke.
  • Does not leave a stain on coils – vape enthusiasts know how expensive it is to maintain their device as well as how delicate it is when it comes to managing and cleaning it. You need to make sure that every part is properly placed to avoid malfunctions or worse, explosion. If you don’t want to constantly clean the coil of your vape due to the juices, Air Factory can be a good choice since it doesn’t stain and if ever accumulated, they are easy to wipe in just a few swipes.
  • Cute design – the way they placed their designs are also very catchy since they use a lot of colors as well as catchy names for the different flavors of their vape to make it more interesting for the potential buyers.
  • Easy to use container – unlike glass containers that come with a dropper, Air Factory uses a unicorn container with a nozzle where the liquid can be easily manipulated whenever you want to pour some on your device. Now, you can easily control the amount of juice that you will place inside your vape and avoid spillage or overflow, which can make the device sticky or even waste the product itself.
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